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Rowena Dykins - A Patch of Blue

May 27 – July 16, 2023 at Ah! | Open Saturdays & Sundays
10:00am – 3:00pm or by special appointment at

Rowena Dykins - A Patch of Blue

Rowena Dykins lives in the Village of Lakefield, surrounded by lakes and rock. She is an abstract Painter and installation artist. Dykins studied fine art at Concordia University, The School of Art and Design at Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and at John Abbot College (1969 – 78). Her exhibition “A Patch of Blue”, is blast of abstraction.

“For many years I have been interpreting my relationship with this world through abstract painting and installation. These environments inspire the colour, atmosphere and formal configurations in the strokes and body of the paint.”

She uses palette knives and brushes to layer acrylic paint on canvases or board, “I build, remove, add, rework, scrape and form my paintings.” Her bold shapes and marks become comments on a memory and the relationship with the place she is living at or visiting.

  • A Patch of Blue 36x42" acrylic on canvas

Recently, in her work, figures have started to emerge, she calls them the walking series. “I feel compelled to paint these figures, to observe the person that is starting to emerge with titles such as “My Hands are Turning into Branches”, “I am a Waterfall”. In this I find my own self and my work in a stage of transition and these new ones enable me to sink into it, to explore and to discover the meaning, to gain new perspectives and remembered stories such as” Tempered and forged through fire”. The exploration and the development of this work is daily in her studio and she loves the process of filling a painting full of colour and stories, so key to growing this new work. Her materials reflect an aesthetic, deeply rooted in the natural history of the earth.

Rowena Dykins will be present on May 27th, the first day of the show, 12:00 – 2:00pm.

The Centre is open weekly Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Sugar Mountain - The Periphery - Dimitri Papatheodorou

March 11 - May 11, 2023 at Ah! | Open Saturdays & Sundays
10:00am – 3:00pm or by special appointment at

Ah! is opening for the season on March 11 and the first exhibit is by architect and artist Dimitri Papatheodorou, and students of architecture from Toronto Metropolitan University. ‘Sugar Mountain’ is a hypothetical housing development on the periphery of Warkworth. For more information, see Sugar Mountain - The Periphery - Dimitri Papatheodorou or visit

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