Submissions - Call To Artists

Exhibition Proposal Process

The Ah! Centre welcomes proposals for assessment on an ongoing basis, however the proposals are only reviewed once a year for consideration of display over the subsequent 2 years. The deadline is August 31st for exhibit projects in the following calendar year. Ah! operates with minimal resources; it’s mandate is to support emerging curatorial, heritage and artistic practices. The Gallery is run by a governing board only, and does not provide curatorial and exhibition assistance. Curators, exhibitors and artists together are encouraged to seek additional funding. The Centre does not offer CARFAC fees.

Send all completed packages to

Ah! Centre’s mission is to work in partnership with the community, enriching the quality of life for area residents of all ages by presenting art forms and heritage exhibitions, creative learning opportunities, promoting artists and art groups, sharing artistic performances, while guiding advancement of the Arts and furthering knowledge in celebration of Heritage.

Ah! Arts and Heritage Centre, Warkworth creates access to both arts and heritage exhibitions, learning, engaging and experiencing for all ages. In a transformed Trent Hills Municipal Heritage Building, Ah! encourages local passion for the arts by successfully supporting, partnering, and collaborating with others who believe that Arts and Heritage engagement is essential for a healthy community.

Criteria considerations:

  • Exhibitions are considered based on the Mission/Vision Statements of the of the Ah! Centre.
  • Cultural significance
    • Social relevance
    • Insight into social conditions; depth of analysis
    • Diversity of viewpoints represented
  • Artistic and creative excellence
    • Imaginative quality; originality; complexity; unity of idea
    • Technical proficiency; challenging use of materials; experimentation
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)
  • Diverse programming that reaches out to traditionally underserved groups
  • Programs that address social issues

Suggested Submission Requirements:

  • An artist’s CV (max. 3 pages) for all arts related exhibitions.
  • An exhibition statement or artist’s statement about the proposed exhibition
  • Min. 10 images of current work, indicative of the proposed exhibition.
  • Each image must be labelled with the “submitters/artist’s name” title of work, date of execution, size, medium.
  • For heritage shows, each image must be labelled with the “submitters name” title/brief explanation of image, date.
  • An identification sheet with a list of the works submitted with all pertinent information included as above.
  • Proposed Curator
  • Suggested grant opportunities
  • For any additional information please contact us at


  1. The gallery will notify the exhibitors about the status of their submissions.
  2. Ah! does not guarantee exhibits for all submissions received.
  3. All works should be ready to exhibit (paintings, drawings, and prints should be appropriately framed, for example).
  4. The exhibitor is responsible for insurance and for providing a complete list of items including values, titles, and dates before the work is transported to the Centre.
  5. The exhibitor will be responsible for shipping or delivering their work to the centre.
  6. The centre has no function as an agent for anyone whose works are in display. The Ah! centre will refer inquiries regarding sales to the artist.
  7. Send all completed packages to