Press Reports

Check out downtown Warkworth fun

Ah! has a special bee-inspired art exhibit created by Fred Gottschalk, who has made maple syrup himself in the past, along with raising honey bees. Now, in the art installation Deconstructed Beehives, he looks at another aspect of nature.

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Life and art of Warkworth artist celebrated

This show is a glimpse into the studio of Clive Russell, a place where he drafted, drew, painted, modelled, wrote, collaged, invented, dreamed and sought after ways to express and understand the deep connections and meanings within the everyday world that we inhabit.

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A Poetry Reading by Gary Walters

In the first presentation of the Ah! Poetry Series, local teacher, artist, and writer Gary Walters poetically expresses the tragic experience living with a partner with dementia, memories of world travels, and the strength of love. Gary Walters will read excerpts from his books “Fuentes”, and the “Shock of Parting”.

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