Originally published in Grapevine Magazine

As with many cultural institutions, Warkworth Ah! Centre had to cease operations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, this spring, the Ah! Centre will be back in business with 3 exhibitions.

Roberto Chiotto will open the season. Chiotto is the founding principal of Larkin Architect Limited and is perhaps unusual among architects in having a degree in theology with a specialty in ecology. Holding a LEED qualification – Leadership in Environmental Design, he writes and speaks extensively on topics of sustainable design, sacred spaces and cosmological response to the ecological crisis as it relates to architecture and education.

The second show is 94 year old Margaret Macmilian, a local artist who devoted her entire life to the painting of Trent Hills landscapes. Margaret is the mother of Hector Macmillian who followed in his fathers’ footsteps when he too became mayor of Trent Hills.

Finally, the Ah! Centre hosts a show by Nora Camps, who relocated to north of Port Hope to spend more time painting. Her works are a form of energetic, expressionistic, action painting. She says, “I am not interested in what is popular, accepted, or collectable. I paint because the act of painting feeds me and provides flow in my life.”