Artist’s retrospective showcased at Ah! in Warkworth

By Sue Dickens, Trent Hils Independent

Martha Eleen and Dorothy Caldwell

Martha Eleen and Dorothy Caldwell

Jun 21, 2016 - Warkworth - History of the Future, featuring the art of Martha Eleen of Toronto/Port Hope is the title of her exhibition currently at Ah! The Arts and Heritage Centre.

An opening reception was held earlier this month and the artist’s talk was held on Sunday as part of the speaker series organized by the centre. This particular exhibition was curated by Dorothy Caldwell, who is a member of the centre’s board of directors. An artist herself, Caldwell maintains an active international exhibition and teaching schedule from her studio in Hastings.

I had encountered Martha’s work many years ago at an art gallery in Northumberland, and today is a chance for her to talk about her work. We’re just so thrilled to have this show here,” said Caldwell.

Martha Eleen’s paintings bring attention to the everyday environment and cause us to confront and reconsider our own familiar landscape,” she added.

This show is a retrospective and doesn’t represent all my bodies of work but Dorothy selected them based on a progression that she had a vision about and for me it’s incredibly exciting,” Eleen commented.

The show really is about my artistic development at the time.

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